Digital Media Package:

  • 100% Digitally Recorded
  • Pro-Tools Certified
  •  Digital Mastered Single/Album 
  • Recording Industry Association of America  Certified 
  • Professional Staff
  • Artist Registration: ASCAP, BMI, SESCAP, 
  • 1 National Press Release
  • BIO/EPK Development
  • Professional Graphics, Logo, licensed
  • Professional Media Content
  • Radio Campaign (BDS Certified)

Music Publishing Package:  

  • Get Paid  Copyright Help 
  • Unlimited Music Licenses
  • Copyright and Catalog  Submission
  • International Distribution: Apple Itunes, Spotify,Amazon, Google,
  • Regular Royalty Payouts Each Quarter
  • Music Scanned With All Codes: ISRC, UPC
  • Blog/Media Placement
  • Single Radio Campaign

Music Licensing Package:

  • Legal Right To Sell Your Music
  • Contect Placement:
    • T.V- Any Visual or Audible Creation Intended For Commercial Use.  T.V Commercials , SitComs, News, TalkTV
    • Film- Documentaries, Full Length Motion Films, Visual Projects
  • Live Performances: Collect Royalties When Song Is Played By D.J, Clubs, Event Ventures.
  • Song(s) is Available for Sample on future projects

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